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Federation of Black & Minority Business

Empowering and Revitalizing the Urban Community

FBMB's First Senior Expo

On May 10th, 2022, FBMB held its first Senior Expo at York North's (YONO) Apartments

 Thank you to the vendors, sponsors, and of course, our Senior Ambassadors.  Without you, we would be unable to give back to our community



The Federation of Black & Minority Business (FBMB) is a group of community and religious leaders uniting with everyday citizens to combat racial bias and discrimination, along with civil and human rights injustices to create fair and equal opportunities in education, employment, health and wellness for Black and Brown residents throughout the city of Philadelphia and the region.

Are you tired of the inequities and injustices?  Fed up with paying higher prices for lesser quality goods and services because of where you live?  Are you sick of being last on the totem pole?  Do you want to take decisive action for change?   Then join the FBMB!

It is time to protest and vote with your dollars. History shows how and where you choose to spend your dollars can impact the community in which you live.   You’ve been programmed to spend your dollars outside of your community. 


So now is it  time to change your thinking and make your dollars work for YOU and your community . It’s time to make business owners that you support give back to you and YOUR community!

“It is a call for black people in this country to unite, to recognize their heritage, to build a sense of community. It is a call for black people to define their own goals, to lead their own organizations.”


- Stokely Carchimael

Fountain Pen

YOU can advocate for better pricing, better services, better policing, better schools,  better training, and better job opportunities.  You have the power with your dollars.   Become a member of the Federation, become a partner, become a volunteer, and be a part of the change you seek. It’s time to start supporting those who support YOU and YOUR community! It is time to join the FBMB.


The FBMB supports and advocates for those businesses who Provide partnership opportunities, networking, and resources to our communities.  The FBMB  uses our vast network of seniors, which is comprised of over 400+ volunteers, to market the companies that support our communities. Our seniors help to spread the message and drive customers to  FBMB sponsored businesses.


If  you are interested in joining the FBMB and working with us to establish a brighter future within our communities and help foster a legacy for your children, grandchildren, and future generations, then choose to PARTNER with us.  Today!


Join us in this pivotal and life changing movement.  Become a Member and lend your voice to the FBMB.


Membership has it’s rewards!  If you join today you‘ll receive:

  • 1 Free Legal Review ($250 value)

  • 1 Free Insurance Benefit Review ($250 value)

  • ·On going membership perks


These free benefits must be redeemed within 6 Months.

It's Up to You! 

Change Starts with You!

Let’s Engage

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