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On Tuesday, November 10, 2020, at 11 AM, the Federation of Black and Minorities Businesses (FBMB), held a press conference to announce our organization and plan to bring meaningful social and economic change to the urban community.

Covid-19 and the fallout from it have magnified the health, economic, fiscal, and social crises facing Philadelphians. In the absence of federal leadership, community leaders must step up or social and economic recovery will not happen for many.

The FBMB’s recovery strategy starts from the bottom up, and we will bring about much-needed change.


The Federation was established with the objective of creating a membership of volunteers that’s representative of people from all walks of life, with the goal of building strong, vibrant communities that can span nationwide, while establishing a legacy that’s virtually free of discriminatory, illegal & unethical laws and practices that stifle the development, growth, prosperity and overall ability for those that are involved to thrive.

The Federation is committed to:

  • To Inspiring Hope, Encourage Self-Sufficiency, offer Programs, Resources and opportunities that help Members to be Healthy, Strong, Self-Confident

  • Offering Programs that promote and provide skills training and job readiness in preparation for employment in today’s job market.

  • Providing resources and assistance for acquiring G.E.D.s & pursuing post-secondary educational opportunities.

  • Acting as a continuous Source for having access to state of the arts, Health and Wellness Information and Resources.



The Mission of the Federation of Black and Minority Businesses is to encourage and inspire hope in the urban community by aligning resources, opportunities, capital, training and job placement. We will motivate our community to unite, rise up and leverage its buying power across global markets, in order to bring about positive and continual change.

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